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Name is selfexplainable,
most probably will be reused for twitter too

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Sorry. I don't like. For me is too infantile.

Omg... Please, no anime... :)

Guys, it's just FB cover, nothing more :)

Yes, but VyOS is a serious matter and the first visual impact, it is important for those who do not know what it is.
Everyone would think of a toy or anything reliable :)

Sure, but I don´t believe that we getting users via FB solely
Also, you are free to propose alternative vision, no problems with that
So all ideas are welcome

I'm waiting for someone to say the word "unprofessional". ;)

@dmbaturin your previous comment was unprofessional :)

Just a little bit of suggestion:

@mickvav nice concept and I like it.
I though that new logo will be adopted for 2.0
personally, for me it makes sense

@mdsmds actually people more care how it works rather then how serious it looks like

@syncer OK, but consider that form and substance are not necessarily antithetical.