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ARM architecture?
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Asked by oliveriandrea on Mar 14 2016, 4:10 PM.


Do you expect to develop Vyos 2.0 (the successor of Lithium) also for ARM or ARM64?


Updated 2,454 Days Ago

For current debian squeeze version: No..
For upcomming jessie version we do not know yet, but should be more easy, as jessie has most if not all architecture packages.
But the many different devices out there all need different device tree and uboot configs, that may be a show stopper.

Updated 2,355 Days Ago

For now, most probably we will stick with Clearfog(Credits to @UnicronNL )
General idea is keep port on some really useful HW(e.g. with more then 1-2 network ports)
But it's all depends on community of course!

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