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How to get VyOS to manage (see and use) wwan0
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Asked by 2devnull on Sep 26 2017, 8:45 PM.


I have a LTE card on wwan0 configured with ip address and default gateway with system set to use it. All this is done outside of VyOS configuration. How can I now get VyOS to see and managed and more importantly firewall that interface? Is there a way to create a bridge with a dummy device VyOS can see and bridge wwan0 to it? I tried it but it didn't work (or I didn't do it correctly).

My goal was to configure this in VyOS but using wirelessmodem (which I did get to work) but it is subject to using ppp which has a hard bandwidth limit I believe. I am now using mbim to make the connection to the carrier and that is done on the wwan0 interface.

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