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trap ospfTrapIfSateChange trap sent: x.x.x.x now Down after a few hours
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Asked by srmumtaz on Dec 21 2017, 7:28 PM.


2 vyos routers running on virtualbox. They are connected over ethernet interfaces with ospf running.

after a few hours ( between 5 and 10) the ospf neighborship breaks and i get the trap:

ospfTrapIfSateChange trap sent: x.x.x.x now Down

when i run "show ip ospf neighbor" it says ospf process not enabled. i can ping across the interface between the 2 routers.

Now if i reboot this router, every thing becomes OK.

i have also noticed that when this error occurs i can no longer do an ssh to this router.

this error can occur on any of the 2 routers.

i have doubled the cpu and memory on these vm.

Anyone has any ideas whats wrong?

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