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man command missing
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Asked by milliways on Mar 4 2018, 10:11 AM.


I asked this on the forum, but I see you've requested bugs to be reported here... Any particular reason why the "man" command is missing from the rolling/nightly builds, and presumably from the upcoming 1.2? All the manpages are there, but the man command is missing.


Updated 1,252 Days Ago

I'm not an official speaker for the VyOS project, but my profession tells me that VyOS is a strictly embedded appliance where users know what they want to do.

Please keep in mind that man pages instruct you where to tweak parameter x for the greater good of y.

VyOS offers you an CLI way for making y work, so there is no need for the man command to be installed. Infact, man pages should be removed to shrink the overall size of VyOS.

Updated 1,332 Days Ago

Upon reflection, I agree with you. My need is to peruse the strongSwan 5.3.5 config options to see what I need to "tweak" that isn't exposed through the VyOS configuration or CLI; I'm having no end of grief getting the nightly builds to work, even though 1.1.8 works just fine. I suspect I really should be installing a build environment and looking there.

Updated 1,331 Days Ago

My preference would be to make an effort to keep the footprint of VyOS as small as possible. The only time a man page would come into play would be if a user were doing something outside of the VyOS CLI and the CLI already provides built-in documentation. The man pages are easily retrieved online.

Might need to double-check but IIRC man pages will often eat up close to 100MB of disk space especially if you start including translations.

I'm still holding out hope that VyOS will be come an in-memory OS instead of using UnionFS so that storage as a dependency can be removed from operation and that it can be replaced live.

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