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VyOS CLI startup
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Asked by dmbaturin on Feb 19 2016, 2:01 PM.


Any ideas how should we start the CLI?

Basically, two options.

First, vyatta style: upon login the user is in the VyOS-specific CLI, where you can do both VyOS and UNIX things.
Second, juniper style: the user is dropped to UNIX shell and can do UNIX things right away or start VyOS-specific shell and do VyOS things there.

Second option is a lot easier to implement, but some people may get confused and try editing configs in /etc/ by hand, with confusing consequences. They already do it in our current CLI once in a while. We can probably mitigate it by making the post-login message tell people what to do.


Updated 2,047 Days Ago

I prefer vyatta style - 9 times out of 10 when you log into VyOS it is do perform a configuration change or to check something in op mode - and so that should be the easiest usecase.

Updated 2,047 Days Ago

I would like entering a basic "vyos" shell as we have now, with options to go into configure, and add an option "shell" to open a shell in a structured way.

also, add a warning when opening a root shell that any changes might not be permanent.


Welcome to VyOS
vyos@router:~$ ?
Possible completions:
  add           Add an object to a service
  clear         Clear system information
  clone         Clone an object
  configure     Enter configure mode
  set           Set operational options
  shell         Open a linux shell
  show          Show system information
  telnet        Telnet to a node
  traceroute    Track network path to node
  update        Update data for a service

Updated 1,994 Days Ago

Perhaps it might not be limited to dropping to shell even. Something like "run execute <UNIX command>", where UNIX command easily can be 'sh' or 'bash'.

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