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vyos-build configure script should check /etc/issue to avoid confusion
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For new users (yup, I totally just wasted 2 hours troubleshooting because I didn't parse far enough into the it would be helpful when running ./configure if the build isn't occurring in a Jessie/Debian 8 environment that scripts/check-build-env would return an error and direct people to the relevant steps for setting up the debootstrap environ.

Currently any valid debian workspace, i.e. ubuntu 18.04, will pass the configure checks but then will begin to have other odd failures with other components. For instance lb config (because it's running the older a57 version) will return an error about unrecognized options:

lb config: unrecognized option '--debootstrap-options'
lb config: unrecognized option '--variant=minbase --exclude=isc-dhcp-client,isc-dhcp-common,ifupdown --include=apt-transport-https'
lb config: unrecognized option '--updates'

and the default live-build package can't parse the chroot correctly which will cause the system to abort with the following error:

chroot: failed to run command ‘/usr/bin/env’: No such file or directory

For Debian 8 putting this into the check-build-env after the import util call would create the conditional:

with open('/etc/issue', 'r') as f:
    if not 'Debian GNU/Linux 8' in
        print("vyos-build requires a Jessie/Debian 8 environment to properly build, please refer to")
        print("OS environment confirmed")


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1.2.X rolling
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Issue file con be overwritten. lsb_release -d would be a better way, as it gives you Description: Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 (jessie)

@LiquidLight there is a Dockerfile, too to build VyOS

Another way is to check in /etc/os-release, but that is also a changeable file.... Wondering where lsb_release reads it from ( no pc atm, so cannot check)

man strace(1) indicates that it opens several system files until it gets a match for any known distro.

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