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1.2.0-rc7 duplex auto (autogenerated config) setting not accepted
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installed a fresh 1.2.0-rc7 from scratch.
Wanted to set eth0 to dhcp and ran into this problem{F266406}
I just set the dhcp address
Vyos added the "duplex auto " itself but doesn't recognize the option during commit.

After looking further, it seems it did commit.
eth0 has an ipv4 address.
so the fuzz is just about the message during commit

*update II *
It seems this only happens to KVM with virtio NIC interface.
Know problem, only few will see this.

dmbaturin wrote on irc:
"People previously reported similar (luckily, harmless) issues with ethernet tools and virtio.
Since it lacks a PHY as such, ethtools diagnostics also fail to show anything useful there."

when i checked:
mii-tool eth0 -> SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth0' failed: Operation not supported

dmbaturin again:
" wonder if we can add a check and wrap such errors in explanatory messages."


Difficulty level
Easy (less than an hour)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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@fromport how to reproduce? Is this possible with VMWare ESXi? If now, which virtualisation tool to use for testing?

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