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Hierarchy plugin for mediawiki
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Is this enabled or installed?

I'd like to document the CLI and have come to the conclusion we could mimick the style of a 40 page vyatta pdf docs per article about a subject or create per cli option an page with it's documentation + some index pages to steer people in-the-good-direction(tm).

I'd like to do the latter with the idea it could be cool to implement it on vyos as a periodical fetch to update local docs with usage 'explain set interfaces ethernet eth0 address'.

Eitherway, what's prefered: long articles or cli-option-based articles with indexes as glue?


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Easy (less than an hour)

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I will install it,
maybe is better to sync wiki and docs from same source(instead of sync from wiki)?
not sure if something like that exists in nature, but possible there such systems?

@EwaldvanGeffen do we still need this ?

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that is obsolete

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