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Powerdns Recursor out of date and CVE-2018-10851
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VyOS 1.2.0-EPA2 includes pdns-recursor 4.0.4-1+deb9u3~bpo8+1. If I read the Debian Changelog on

right we should have some security bugs open:

"Recursor 4.0.9

This release fixes the following security advisories:

PowerDNS Security Advisory 2018-04 (CVE-2018-10851)
PowerDNS Security Advisory 2018-06 (CVE-2018-14626)
PowerDNS Security Advisory 2018-07 (CVE-2018-14644)


It is fixed in the lates powerdns recursor 4.0.9 or we should update direct to 4.1 releases.


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Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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