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Missing PPPoE interfaces in l2tp configuration
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Hi, I have a VyOS system which uses an ethernet port as a PPPoE port (pppoe0) to connect to internet. I obtain a dynamic IP from the ISP.
I wish use pppoe0 with l2tp server so i have tried the following command

set vpn l2tp remote-access dhcp-interface pppoe0

but pppoe0 does not appear in the list of available interfaces. The system allows to insert pppoe0 in the last command but when I "commit it" i receive the following error

L2TP VPN configuration error: The specified interface is not configured for DHCP.

please, can you permit to use pppoe interface with dynamic address with l2tp server?


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Easy (less than an hour)
Why the issue appeared?
Implementation mistake
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible

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I propose in this case use set vpn l2tp remote-access outside-address It works in current rolling.

In T125#51628, @Dmitry wrote:

I propose in this case use set vpn l2tp remote-access outside-address It works in current rolling.

Hi, Dmitry
I found that this setting have bug that is when i try to set my pppoe dynamic address like wan address) . I can connect vpn. but when i set set vpn l2tp remote-access outside-address after reboot it will not work any more.

Hi @dongjunbo , could you try the package for 1.2.5 with fixing this issue?

Just upload this package to your router and install

sudo dpkg -i vyatta-ravpn_1.2.5_all.deb

Changes in package

diff --git a/lib/Vyatta/ b/lib/Vyatta/
index 06cd343..792d0e9 100644
--- a/lib/Vyatta/
+++ b/lib/Vyatta/
@@ -616,6 +616,10 @@ sub get_l2tp_conf {
     $oaddr = get_dhcp_addr($dhcpif);
   return (undef, 'Outside address not defined') if (!defined($oaddr));
+  my $c_oaddr = '';
+  if ($oaddr ne ""){
+    $c_oaddr = 'listen-addr = '.$oaddr;
+  }
   my $cstart = $self->{_client_ip_start};
   return (undef, 'Client IP pool start not defined') if (!defined($cstart));
   my $cstop = $self->{_client_ip_stop};
@@ -637,7 +641,7 @@ sub get_l2tp_conf {
   my $str =<<EOS;
-listen-addr = $oaddr
 [lns default]
 ip range = $cstart-$cstop
@@ -703,6 +707,7 @@ EOM
 sub maybeClustering {
   my ($self, $config, @interfaces) = @_;
   return 0 if (defined($self->{_dhcp_if}));
+  return 0 if ($self->{_out_addr} eq "");
   return (!(Vyatta::Misc::isIPinInterfaces($config, $self->{_out_addr},
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Successfully tested on VyOS 1.2.6-epa1