Webproxy config scripts make incorrect assumptions about the config path
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When you try to activate the web proxy on the Nightly from 8/13 you get the following error.

Couldn't open /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf - No such file or directory at /opt/vyatta/share/perl5/Vyatta/Webproxy.pm line 409.

From what it looks like the path for squidguard.conf has changed from /etc/squid/squidGuard.conf to /etc/squidguard/squidguard.conf. I was able to temporarily fix this with a simlink


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update squidguard package in 1.2

The issue was the folder change, not the conf file name. The conf file is still squidGuard.conf
Pull request: https://github.com/vyos/vyatta-webproxy/pull/6

@syncer This can be closed as it was a duplicate of T92.

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