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bgp peer-groups don't work when "no-ipv4-unicast" is enabled.
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When trying to use peer-groups for neighbours, if you also have parameters default 'no-ipv4-unicast' set vyos will not create the neighbour:

Repro steps:

set protocols bgp 65400 parameters default 'no-ipv4-unicast'
set protocols bgp 65400 peer-group TEST remote-as '65401'
set protocols bgp 65400 neighbor peer-group 'TEST'


[ protocols bgp 65400 ]
[ protocols bgp 65400 neighbor ]
  peer-group defined but ipv4-unicast is disabled

Looks to be caused by a check here:

I'm not sure exactly why this check is there, it seems erroneous to me. Commenting out lines 1426 - 1428 seems to make vyos behave


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Unknown (require assessment)
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