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WAN load-balancing can't flush connections when conntrack-sync is enabled
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When flush-connections is enabled in load-balancing, then when interface state is changing daemon wan_lb execute:

conntrack -F
conntrack -F expect

But, when conntrackd is running, the first command can't finish up and hangs. As I see, conntrack sending the command to a kernel, but don't receive any answers: Also, this leads to a continuous CPU usage by conntrack and conntrackd.

root      7792 81.7  1.0  24416  5332 ?        S<s  17:00   0:33 /usr/sbin/conntrackd -C /etc/conntrackd/conntrackd.conf
root      7829  7.0  0.1  12652   888 pts/1    R+   17:00   0:02 conntrack -F

This problem breaks load-balancing functional.
Instead of flushing table, we can delete its content. This works without problems. I propose to change command to the followed to avoid problems:

conntrack -D

Otherwise, we need to block the ability to enable both options at the same time.


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@zsdc Can you please share some config data or clarify what you mean? thx

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@zsdc can you follow up on this