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`system domain-name` statement doesn't allow domain names ending in a dot on latest 1.2.0
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In my 1.1.8 deployment the system domain-name statement allowed a domain name ending in a dot (i.e. thus "rooted"), like for example something. (i.e. with a dot . after something.)

However after upgrading to 1.2.0 201904151631 the system fails to properly configure the system name (including the host-name statement). However manually re-configuring the domain-name, it gives a warning about the extra dot.

I would say that the domain-name statement should allow domain names ending in a dot, or if it is considered forbidden, then the migration script should trim that character upon migration.

(I've originally posted this issue on the public forum:


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1.2.0 (201904151631)
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ciprian.craciun changed Version from - to 1.2.0 (201904151631).Apr 16 2019, 1:24 PM

This is actually disabllowed by latest Debian/systemd hostnamectl. A migration script is required though.

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