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Any need to respond to the encryption weakness described in
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In, it mentions that OpenVPN is affected and working on a fix, among other software packages.

The OpenVPN on VyOS 1.1.7 is version 2.1.3 built on March 9, 2015.

The current latest OpenVPN on Github ( is 2.3.12 released August 24, 2016.

Are there plans to upgrade OpenVPN for VyOS 1.1?



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The page you've linked mentioned the fix: don't use legacy ciphers.

Thanks. I'll try to find how to follow this advice.

Isn't it a concern that the OpenVPN version on VyOS is so far behind the current release?

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Well, basically it's not only OpenVPN is old there, all is old there

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1.1.x won't get any major updates for packages,
we instead forcing 1.2 testing to transit it to production in some near future
1.2 will address this issue among other things

Thanks for the update.
Where can I get 1.2 to help testing?

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