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cloud-init defaults do not import SSH keys on GCE
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In order for GCP to import ssh key's on 1.2.1 image the ssh and ssh-import-id modules need to be loaded. This does not allow GCE to create new users, but it will allow GCE to import SSH keys for users created on the instance. This is required to access newly created GCE instances otherwise an authorized key cannot be set for the vyos user.

Required cloud-init modules for function :

 - ssh
# The modules that run in the 'config' stage
 - vyos
 - ssh-import-id
# The modules that run in the 'final' stage
 - runcmd

Edit :

Note that this only works if cloud-init is restarted after VyOS has loaded as VyOS overwrites the authorized keys when it parses the configuration file. The only two options here would be to have it read the seeded keys into the config file or we don't use the GCP method of pushing SSH keys and instead seed the standard vyos password in the default configuration.


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@joshua we do not use the ssh and the ssh-import-id as the ssh keys need to be set by vyos config.

in the metadata ssh keys you need to set the ssh key with the ending of the vyos username.

for example for you i see a lot of Joshua keys. but those do not work, only keys with the vyos username work.

so ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAetcetc vyos

so all keys with the vyos username work for login

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