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Verify if vyatta-iproute package can be replaced by upstream iproute2 package
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Remaining question is: Why do we need our own iproute fork and can't use the upstream packages commit for VyOS? Thats the commit we build right now in

I remember seeing some commits which we used for interface statistics which I have not seen e.g. in the upstream Kernel. Its time to check their validity if those struct extensions are really used in VyOS


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Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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We can't use the current iproute2 package from upstream Debian as commit f900a21611c03e6d83104f2a862cd4c5f160d35f ("utils.h: provide fallback CLOCK_TAI definition") is only available in iproute2 after the release of v4.19. The reason is CLOCK_TAI isn't exposed by glibc < 2.21 and we use glibc 2.19 in VyOS (comes with Debian Jessie)

When we migrate to a new Kernel/iproute2 package we can drop the vyatta-iproute fork as no deal breaking commits have been found via git log --oneline iproute2-vyos-4.18.y ^v4.18.0