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improve output of "show dhcpv6 server leases"
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Unify with isc-dhcp conventions:

  • change DUID to IAID_DUID as referenced in isc-dhcp documentation
  • format IAID_DUID output as colon-separated hex list
  • add type column (temporary, non-temporary or prefix delegation)
  • add expired argument
  • add json output


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Unknown (require assessment)
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Will be filled on close

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isc-dhcpd can store IANA_DUID either as octal string (default) or hex, as set by lease-id-format parameter.
python-isc-dhcp-leases currently only supports string type, so it internally parses it into hex. We need to parse it again to add colons to unify with isc-dhcp hex format.
If python-isc-dhcp-leases were improved to add hex type support, we could set lease-id-format to hex and do away with all this parsing.

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