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DNS (pdns_recursor) stats logs not saved to disk
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pdns_recursor stats logs are seen in journalctl but not in /var/log/*.

As journald doesn't save to disk this means all logs are lost on reboot.

pdns log facility is 3 (daemon) and priority (=syslog severity) is 6, this translates to

Mon 2019-06-24 12:26:51.084882 CEST [...]
    MESSAGE=stats: 54106 questions, 4436 cache entries, 997 negative entries, 6% cache hits
    _CMDLINE=/usr/sbin/pdns_recursor --daemon=no --write-pid=no --disable-syslog --log-timestamp=no

vyos default for /var/log/messages is *.notice;local7.debug

By setting set system syslog global facility all level info; set system syslog global facility protocols level debug, from short testing on my machine, it adds dhcpd and sudo logs which you'd want saved anyway, so imo the default should be set to *.info. This does increase disk writes so it may not be suitable for flash drives.


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