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BGP unnumbered is not working with a vif interface
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With the new version 1.2.2, I try to configure a BGP session with the new BGP unnumbered method, but I receive an error when I use a vif interface.
This is the interfaces available on the system

[email protected]# run show int
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface        IP Address                        S/L  Description
---------        ----------                        ---  -----------
eth0             -                                 u/D  
eth1             -                                 u/D  
eth2                       u/u  
eth3             -                                 u/D  
eth4             -                                 u/u  
eth4.30                    u/u  
eth4.200                   u/u  
eth5             -                                 u/u  
lo                            u/u  

everything is ok when a non VLAN interface is used:

[email protected]# set protocols bgp 65002 neighbor eth4 interface v6only remote-as external 

But,if I try with a vif interface I receive this erreur message:

[email protected]# set protocols bgp 65002 neighbor eth4.30 interface v6only remote-as external 

  eth4.30: not a valid IP address at /opt/vyatta/share/perl5/Vyatta/ line 219.
  Value validation failed
  Set failed



Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Version: VyOS 1.2.2
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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