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[wireguard] - use VYOS_TAGNODE_VALUE to determine changed tagNodes
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From slack:

  1. determine tagNode instance try: bridge['br_name'] = os.environ['VYOS_TAGNODE_VALUE'] except KeyError as E: print("Interface not specified")


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hagbard created this task.
hagbard updated the task description. (Show Details)
diff --git a/scripts/build-command-templates b/scripts/build-command-templates
index a7312f7..ba80ead 100755
--- a/scripts/build-command-templates
+++ b/scripts/build-command-templates
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ def make_node_def(props):
     if "owner" in props:
         if "tag" in props:
-            node_def += "end: sudo sh -c \"VALUE='$VAR(@)' {0}\"\n".format(props["owner"])
+            node_def += "end: sudo sh -c \"VYOS_TAGNODE_VALUE='$VAR(@)' {0}\"\n".format(props["owner"])
             node_def += "end: sudo sh -c \"{0}\"\n".format(props["owner"])