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Wireguard keys not automatically moved
Closed, ResolvedPublicBUG


After upgrading to latest rolling, I get an error loading config because the wireguard keys are not moved from /config/auth/wireguard to /config/auth/wireguard/default.


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Config syntax change (migratable)

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Already fixed manually, but I can test on yesterday's vm backup if needed.

Would be very nice, I tested with an old one already, but want to make sure I haven't uncovered side effects.

hagbard closed this task as Resolved.Sep 25 2019, 3:41 PM
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Been pretty busy lately, but ran a quick test tonight. Wireguard keys are properly moved in my VM.