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Kernel: CVE-2016-5195
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There is a kernel privilege escalation bug that has been identified in many kernel. Not sure if the current release of VyOS is vulnerable. Can someone check? Thanks.

You can see more here:

and here:


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
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We should include fix in 1.1.8

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Another CVE considered for 1.1.8

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Fixed in Kernel 4.4.26. VyOS 1.2.x (development) uses 4.4.47.

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Tag VyOS 1.2.x should be removed as CVE is already fixed.

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Just added Finished Board for 1.2.x project
we likely will keep all there before include it in some milestone release

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@syncer can we close this task? see @higebu fix..

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Resolving this and moving to finished