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VyOS-1.3: ping no longer supports specifying interface or source
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On VyOS 1.3 rolling,

The ping command fails when 'interface' arguemnt is given:

vyos@vyos-vm-2:~$ ping interface
/bin/ping: invalid option -- 'I'
Try 'ping --help' or 'ping --usage' for more information.
vyos@vyos-vm-2:~$ ping interface dum0
/bin/ping: invalid option -- 'I'
Try 'ping --help' or 'ping --usage' for more information.

The cause of this is that the "-I" switch is not included/supported in the version of ping shipped with vyos-1.3 (inetutils-ping) whereas 1.2.x was using iputils-ping. The ability to specify source interface / address is very important for most network administrators so this is a noticeable problem.


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Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Issues in third-party code
Is it a breaking change?
Behavior change
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Bug (incorrect behavior)

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VyOS on 'Buster' don't have flag "-I" for select specific interface for command ping.

root@vyos:/home/vyos#  dpkg-query -l | grep ping
ii  inetutils-ping                    2:1.9.4-7                                    amd64        ICMP echo tool
ii  iputils-arping                    3:20180629-2                                 amd64        Tool to send ICMP echo requests to an ARP address

Try to install iputils-ping, but it conflict with inetutils-ping

root@vyos:/home/sever# dpkg -i iputils-ping_20180629-2_amd64.deb 
Selecting previously unselected package iputils-ping.
dpkg: regarding iputils-ping_20180629-2_amd64.deb containing iputils-ping:
 inetutils-ping conflicts with ping
  iputils-ping provides ping and is to be installed.

dpkg: error processing archive iputils-ping_20180629-2_amd64.deb (--install):
 conflicting packages - not installing iputils-ping
Errors were encountered while processing:

I see one solution - with install pkg "fping", which have needed option.
It's installed without conflict's.

sever@vyos:~$ sudo fping -I eth0 -c 5 : [0], 84 bytes, 16.0 ms (16.0 avg, 0% loss) : [1], 84 bytes, 16.5 ms (16.3 avg, 0% loss) : [2], 84 bytes, 16.0 ms (16.2 avg, 0% loss) : [3], 84 bytes, 16.0 ms (16.2 avg, 0% loss) : [4], 84 bytes, 16.3 ms (16.2 avg, 0% loss) : xmt/rcv/%loss = 5/5/0%, min/avg/max = 16.0/16.2/16.5

The maintainers can just replace inetutilsping with iputilsping as was the case in previous versions of VyOS. Just need this to be picked up by someone.

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