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BGP parameter "enforce-first-as" does not work anymore
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In 1.2.2 I used "set protocols bgp 12345 parameters enforce-first-as". After the upgrade to 1.2.4 there was no more BGP connection. It turned out that 1.2.4 does not seem to understand the "enforce-first-as" parameter anymore, although it still shows in command completion:

[email protected]# set protocols bgp 12345 parameters enforce-first-as
[email protected]# commit
[ protocols bgp 12345 ]
% Unknown command: bgp enforce-first-as
Error configuring routing subsystem.  See log for more detailed information

As a workaround I now use an as-path-list in a route-map, like:

set policy as-path-list first-AS-00007 rule 10 action 'permit'
set policy as-path-list first-AS-00007 rule 10 regex "^00007_"

Please check!

Thanks & best regards


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Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Config syntax change (non-migratable)

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Look like FRR changes commands for this feature, now this option per neighbour.

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PR also need add script migration

I built package for 1.2.4 with fix. Now enforce-first-as sets per neighbour. e,g.

set protocols bgp 65535 neighbor enforce-first-as
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