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Deleting 'service salt-minion' causes python TypeError
Open, Requires assessmentPublic


Deleting the following triggers an error.

salt-minion {
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/", line 199, in <module>
  File "/usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/", line 150, in generate
    uid = pwd.getpwnam(salt['user']).pw_uid
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
VyOS 1.2.5-epa1
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)

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Raeven created this task.Mar 2 2020, 2:17 PM
Raeven created this object in space S1 VyOS Public.
pasik added a subscriber: pasik.Mar 2 2020, 10:08 PM

Fixed int the latest rolling, VyOS 1.3-rolling-202008110118

vyos@r2-roll# set service salt-minion id ''
vyos@r2-roll# set service salt-minion master ''
vyos@r2-roll# commit
vyos@r2-roll# delete service salt-minion 
vyos@r2-roll# commit
vyos@r2-roll# run show version 

Version:          VyOS 1.3-rolling-202008110118