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Cant set protocols static routes with newer versions of vyos
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Guys I am trying a lot of the beta's (3 so far) on the site. All of them I am getting an error when trying to set protocol static route.
It says there are syntax errors with /opt/vyatta/share/vyatta-cfg/templates/protocols/static/route/node.def
needless to say if I cant set a static default route I cant use the beta. So its hard to test other functions
I tried replacing the node.def file with that of a known working vyos image I have and then I am able to set the protocol static route in configuration mode but I get this on commit
sh: /opt/vyatta/sbin/ No such file or directory

protocols static failed
Commit failed
I have tried this on two different machines also to rule out hardware.

I have tried vyos-999.201611160233-amd64 vyos-999.201612010232-amd64 vyos-999.201612010232-amd64 images


Difficulty level
Easy (less than an hour)
vyos 1.2.x

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Duplicate indeed.