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vyos-build: Add required packages and step to build-GCE-image script
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Running 'make GCE' does not currently work with scripts/build-GCE-image. Known workarounds have further been complicated by (1) missing packages parted, kpartx; (2) an outstanding issue with nonpersistent loop devices in docker (a proper citation is missing, but some discussion here:


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Bug (incorrect behavior)

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The discussion says the container should be started with --privileged, as is documented in the vyos-build readme. Did you test it with --privileged?

Yes, @jjakob, I run docker as indicated in the vyos-build README, which includes --privileged. I am not that concerned with the docker issue here; rather I want the script to work, and am adding in the necessary ingredients to the script itself. Compare the older prescription:

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