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Upgrade WALinux to 2.2.41
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Hi Team,

Recently we have approved your offer and as per Microsoft engineering team guidance minimum WALinux version requirement will change to 2.2.41 from May 1st.

We have observed the current offer having WALinux version “2.2.20”, Please make sure to upgrade it in the next version using the below URL.



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syncer triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 15 2020, 7:49 AM
syncer created this task.

Sadly, this isn't a trivial update due to dependencies. However, Microsoft's own documentation says the version that is unsupported for real is 2.2.10, and 2.20 is still supported, even if they recommend the very latest one.

Starting in July 2020, the minimum supported version will be 2.2.41 for the Linux Agent.

* If the Linux Agent version is earlier than 2.2.10, you must update the VM by using the distribution package manager and by enabling auto-update.
* If the distribution vendor does not have the minimum Linux Agent version in the package repositories, the system is still in support. If the Linux Agent version is later than 2.1.7, you must enable the Agent auto-update feature. This will retrieve the latest version of code for extension handling.
* If the Linux Agent version is earlier than 2.2.10, or if the Linux system is out-of-support, we may require you to update the agent before we can offer support.