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Add ability to deactivate the IPv4 address-family for BGP peers.
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At the moment, the IPv4 AFI is activated by default for all peers, which is usually not desired for IPv6 peers.

vyos has set protocols bgp 123 parameters default no-ipv4-unicast but this doesn't seem to actually do anything other than add "bgp default ipv4-unicast" to the config, because "protocols bgp var neighbor var remote-as" automatically adds the activate line.

Something like:

set protocols bgp 123 neighbor 2001:DB8::1 no-activate

This should then apply "no neighbor 2001:DB8::1 activate" to the neighbor

Ideally no-activate would be the default if no-ipv4-unicast was set.


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I'm attempting to go all IPv6 internally so this would be nice to have if it doesn't currently work.

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With the new BGP syntax where IPv4 is in its own address family just like IPv6, the no default ipv4-unicast option should work as expected. See T849.

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