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Can't commit firewall state-policy (iptables chain already exists)
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I tried to set the firewall state-policy. When committing, I got the following error:

[email protected]# set firewall state-policy established action accept
[email protected]# commit
[ firewall state-policy ]
ip6tables: Chain already exists.
create_ipt_chain [/sbin/ip6tables -t filter -N VYATTA_STATE_POLICY_FWD_HOOK]
failed: [error code - 256]

[[firewall state-policy]] failed
Commit failed

Following some advice on IRC, I did a reboot and the problem had gone away.


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Easy (less than an hour)

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I tried to reproduce this, but couldn't unfortunately. This error happened when I deleted firewall rules regarding established and related traffic to replace then with the state-policy settings.

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