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WWAN default route is not installed into VRF
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Using the following configuration

set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm0 apn ''
set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm0 backup distance '20'
set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm0 device 'usb0b1.3p1.3'
set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm0 no-peer-dns
set interfaces wirelessmodem wlm0 vrf 'black'
set protocols vrf black static interface-route next-hop-interface wlm0

No static route with distance 20 is installed.

cpo@LR4.wue3# run show ip route vrf black
Codes: K - kernel route, C - connected, S - static, R - RIP,
       O - OSPF, I - IS-IS, B - BGP, E - EIGRP, N - NHRP,
       T - Table, v - VNC, V - VNC-Direct, A - Babel, D - SHARP,
       F - PBR, f - OpenFabric,
       > - selected route, * - FIB route, q - queued route, r - rejected route

VRF black:
K [255/8192] unreachable (ICMP unreachable), 00:03:43
C>* is directly connected, wlm0, 00:00:31


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Easy (less than an hour)
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Issues in third-party code
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible
Issue type
Bug (incorrect behavior)

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