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Remove all references to Xen PV
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Vyatta once supported Xen PV, though even they effectively dropped support for it in later versions because x86 CPUs with hardware virtualization support became affordable and no one was interested anymore.

We may still have referenced to it here and there, and some people get confused. We should remove those.


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Unknown (require assessment)
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Perfectly compatible
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Cosmetic issue (typos etc.)

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32-bit Xen PV support was dropped recently from upstream Linux kernel 5.9.
64-bit Xen PV is still supported in upstream Linux kernel.

Xen also supports HVM mode using CPU hardware virtualization extensions (with PV drivers), which is also supported by Vyos.

Xen also has the newest PVH mode available, which leverages CPU hardware virtualization, but is more like PV, and it is also supported in upstream Linux kernel.

In the future it's probably best to support HVM (with PV drivers) and possibly PVH.

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