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BFD default timers
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As it is currently, BFD timers are per-peer only, meaning if I just want the same setting on 20 peers I need 20 separate peer statements; in a large environment, this doesn't scale. I'd like to propose that we additionally have a configuration node to set BFD defaults, something like:

protocols {
    bfd {
        defaults {
            interval {
                receive 50
                transmit 50
            source {
                ipv4 {
                    interface dum0
                ipv6 {
                    address fd52:d62e:8011:fffe:192:168:253:1
                    interface dum0
            multihop {
                ipv4 enable
                ipv6 enable

Arista EOS actually offers this as the only BFD configuration option:

ir01(config)#show run | i ^bfd
bfd local-address
bfd local-address fd52:d62e:8011:fffe:192:168:253:1
bfd multihop interval 50 min_rx 50 multiplier 3


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