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L2TPv3 interface: Enforced to shutdown but no command to enable interface permanently
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Hey guys,

I having an issue with current rolling 1.3 release. I would like to use L2TPv3 interfaces for ip tunnels between different routers. I can create those L2TPv3 interfaces. But then still stock in A/D because source code enforce admin state down.

I can only activate interface with an sudo ip link set {ifname} up. But when i commit any change of that interface or reboot router the interface is set to admin state down?

Following configuration creates an L2TPv3 interface which is enforced to shutdown.

l2tpv3 l2tpeth10 {
encapsulation ip
peer-session-id 100
peer-tunnel-id 200
session-id 100
tunnel-id 200

Because code enforce admin state down.


# interface is always A/D down. It needs to be enabled explicitly

Which makes no sense because you cannot enable interface permanently. We should do that a better way around and use disable command to shutdown interface permanently.

I have created an pull request for this change.


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Tested on 1.3-rolling-202011130217, all works as expected.
Thanks to @ernstjo

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