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Migrate port mirroring to vyos-1x and support two-way traffic mirroring
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I will consider migrating port mirroring related configuration and code from vyatta-cfg-qos to the configuration template of all interfaces in vyos-1x, and support mirroring two-way traffic on the interface


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Unknown (require assessment)
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Will be filled on close
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Perfectly compatible
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Running VyOS 1.3-rolling-202012060217 immediately when I enable port mirroring all sessions are dropped on this link.

This is true for Ping and also SSH.

Can I restart ping? Can be restored after restart

Of course, restarting ping works, but all flows in transit will stop, this is not what you wan't on an edge device running 10GBit/s of traffic

I am a little doubtful whether this is in design, and whether there will be a short-term up to down to up conversion when the interface is modified.

In the test topology, the same situation was found in the mirror test of pppoe0

In the latest PR implementation, eth0 will shake at the moment when the eth0 configuration is changed, but it seems to be restored immediately

The latest PR tests on port mirroring and configuration migrator seem to be all right

The topology is as follows:

Okay, debugging with @jack9603301 showed that there was/is an issue. If you are running DHCP client on the interface which is using mirroring, this indeed becomes an issue as traffic is dropped until the session is re-established.

This is b/c in vyos.ifconfig all IP addresses which are NOT in the config are dropped from the interface.

OK, the latest PR can be tested. I just tested the basic functions and the effectiveness of the migration script. But I haven't submitted the PR of vyatta-cfg-system

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Maybe this implementation also has a dependency problem, I will fix it in the near future

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