create home directories via PAM on the fly
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We need to handle home dir creation for newly created users,
this must be done on the fly on the first login

Propose to do so via PAM module


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Implementation mistake
syncer created this task.May 23 2017, 12:00 PM

Can You please elaborate on this, or create an example?

For users not added manually (e.g. via Radius or later TACACS+)
wee need to create home directories on the fly

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To implement remote auth sources we will need to deal with logins
it seems that we need to handle home folder creation for users that doesn´t exist in config
it´s kind of similar how active directory integration work on linux, where home folder for Active Directory user will be created on first login
Only difference that we not limited to AD and will need same for radius/tacacs+/ad
this will allow us start implement remote auth mechanisms