Should have some wrapper for /sys and /proc
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It will be nice to have some wrapper for sysfs and procfs (/sys, /proc). It will remove the necessity to use the postconfig script to set thoose values and have the setup benefit from config management.

For instance, i need it to control IGMP behavior of a bridge:
"IGMP snooping support is not yet included in bridge-utils or iproute2, but it can be easily controlled through sysfs interface. For brN, the settings can be found under /sys/devices/virtual/net/brN/bridge. "

For this particular use case, there is two way of managing this:
1- A global wrapper, run when the configuration is fully loaded.
example :

set system sysfs '' 0

that writes 0 to /sys/devices/virtual/...

2- Something attached to the interface.
example :

set interface l2tpeth l2tpeth1 system 'brport.multicast_router' 0

That write 0 to /sys/devices/virtual/net/l2tpeth1/brport/multicast_router
and is applied each time a commit is done on the interface.


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Normal (likely a few hours)
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Besides the typo,

cpo@CR1# set system sysctl custom
Possible completions:
 > <sysctl_option>
                Name of sysctl option you want to modufy

Is what you want at least for sysfs.