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Latest Nightly build (vyos-999.201705242137-amd64) is not booting
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The latest nightly build vyos-999.201705242137-amd64 does not seem to be booting.
When installing it on bare-metal (a single /dev/sda device) , the "install image" works and completes successfully.

When booting up, only the word GRUB and a flashing cursor is displayed.


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@murmaider just wondering if you tried the same image in the virtual environment?
If not, i will check and see
sda device is mbr not gpt?

I have not tested it in a virtual environment yet.
It's being installed on a 32GB Satadom and it's using mbr.
1.1.7 installs and works 100%

I will check on virtual then
@UnicronNL could we mess something with grub?

I have just tried on vmware and it is installing and booting with no problem.

I'm going to do some more testing on bare-metal.
The 2 ways I have tried installing it so far is through IPMI and USB install.
The install completes and when I manually mount up /dev/sda1 the boot, lost+found and persistence.conf are on the drive.
If I go into the boot directory, all files appear to be present.
I will play around with grub and see if I can spot anything.

I have had no luck with my testing and it seems that grub just can't seem to find the image to load.
I have tried different bios configurations, different hard drives, tried specifying "root=" in grub (was doubtful of this).
Nothing I have tried has managed to get it to boot.

Do previously nightly images work?
is the boot order correct? (probably is)

does it work if you install 1.1.7 and do a "add system image" and then reboot?

what is the hardware you have?

Do you have BIOS or UEFI boot mode in your motherboard setup selected?
To all - there was some reason why I've included grub-pc in my image, but I'not sure that it will help in this case.

It's currently in BIOS boot mode.

I have managed to make some headway on this.

The booting breaks when using the "Auto" partitioning in "install image"
If I manually partition the drive and then use "Skip" in the "install image", then grub works fine and boots up.

When testing 1.1.7, I see "Auto" partitions the same as the current nightly build, but grub does not have an issue with it.

The only difference between the Auto and manual partition that I can see is where the partition starts on the drive.
With Auto it starts at "1" and with manual it starts at 2048

I have tested the oldest nightly build for download, this being vyos-999.201705092137-amd64 and it also has the same problem as the latest nightly build.
With the partition starting at 2048 the latest nightly boots fine.

I see there is a duplicate task for this here -

Can someone point me in the direction of the code that handles this auto partitioning so I can look at making adjustments for this issue.

@syncer I'm doing almost daily installs for testing in an ESXi environment. No problems. I think this one can be closed ..

In T316#10742, @c-po wrote:

@syncer I'm doing almost daily installs for testing in an ESXi environment. No problems. I think this one can be closed ..

+1 the latest daily builds appear to be fine in our KVM based virtual environment.

@syncer please close and reopen if req.

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