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Potential new users who stumble onto are discouraged by having the webserver present a certificate for instead.

Having a wrong certificate results in browser warnings which deters new users and does a disservice to the project by making it appear to be run by a bunch of amateurs who don't even know how to setup a simple webserver, which clearly shouldn't be the case.

This certificate issue keeps coming up on IRC every once in a while as well - and while I can't tell how people are finding it, as long as there's something running there on 443 that appears as if it's doing weird certificate stuff, it doesn't make the project look good.

Please setup the webserver with SNI such that if a user is attempting to reach anything starting with such user is presented with a valid browser certificate for (not and redirected via http 301 to

Other alternative of removing A records for is presumably less desirable (I'm guessing)

Let me know if you need help or further clarification.


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Will be filled on close
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