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OSPF: add support to configure the area at an interface level
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FRR supports configuring either network prefixes per area, or assign an interface to an area to participate in the routing process.

This is already well known from other venders and supported by FRR.

A valid VyOS OSPF configuration would then look like:

vyos@vyos# show protocols
 ospf {
     interface dum0 {
         area 0
     interface eth0.201 {
         area 0
         authentication {
             md5 {
                 key-id 10 {
                     md5-key vyos
         dead-interval 40
         hello-interval 10
         priority 1
         retransmit-interval 5
         transmit-delay 1
     log-adjacency-changes {
     parameters {
         abr-type cisco
     passive-interface default
     passive-interface-exclude eth0.201

Updated documentation:


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Perfectly compatible

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