mDNS/bonjour forwarding
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This one is a feature of my Ubiquity EdgeRouter-X.

I have multiple devices at home which use Airplay to stream media content. They use Bonjour/mDNS to identify themselfs on the local network, but they are not visible on any other VLAN.

Avahi is able of being a "mDNS repeater".



  • Add avahi package to the image
  • Port configuration scripts from Ubiquity EdgeMax router to VyOS

Configuration nodes:

service {
     mdns {
         repeater {
             interface eth0
             interface eth2
             interface eth4


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
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@UnicronNL could you please mirror to and set up a CI job? After this I can submit the appropriate merge requests for vyos-world abd vyos-build.

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Verified using iOS 10.3.3 accross VLANs. mDNS services like Airplay working.

Now waiting for CI builds and migration to

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@c-po is created, and ci integration is also done.

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