Saner BGP default configuration.
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set protocols bgp <AS> parameters default no-ipv4-unicast

I ran into this, I exported all my IPv4 routes via bgp sessions using IPv6 because I didn't set a deny any AFI IPv4 route-map.


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afics created this task.Mar 31 2016, 6:10 PM
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If this is set as defaults there must be a way to enable IPv4 unicast for selected peers?

I tried doing the obvious thing:

vyos@bgp2# set neighbor address-family ipv4-unicast
  Configuration path: neighbor address-family [ipv4-unicast] is not valid
  Set failed

This is on VyOS 1.1.7, maybe I am missing something? I get config commit errors if setting this option for my IPv4 peers.

I think it leads to incompatibilities with other device's default behavior - cisco, for example, exports/imports everything, if another behavior not stated explicitly, AFAIR.

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changing this to wish list
@dmbaturin can you check out and take decision if this should be implemented or not

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@syncer @dmbaturin
I found the following discussion on Cisco forum very explainable

So Cisco does it the same as Vyos currently so default is with IPv4 done for backwards compatibility with non-multiprotocol routers.

The option parameters default no-ipv4-unicast would be nice because i now have to create a prefix list to filter all IPv4 on IPv6 BGP peers.
And indeed then we would need address-family ipv4-unicast to enable it.

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