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Config synchronization beetween master and slave
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I've tested a solution for config synchronization between VyOS nodes. It works with minor issues.

The solution is located here:

The issues:

  1. compilation of debian package failed in debian stretch due to missing "README" file.
  2. synchronization not performed automatically on every commit, user had to issue "run update config-sync <remote-host>" command by hands. In my opinion, user should have ability to enable or disable "sync on every commit" feature (and, maybe force commit without sync).
  3. generating ssh keys on vyos required to use /usr/bin/ssh-keygen command, maybe it would better to provide command like "run generate openssh-keys". Also, the ssh-keygen store keys in the user home folder -- maybe the /config folder should be used instead.

BTW: there is another solution for syncing configs exist, I've not tested it:


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