64-bit VyOS on Citrix XenServer platform logs skb rides the rocket errors
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On the XenServer hypervisor, if we deploy the 64-bit version of VyOS 1.1.7 on a VM with 512MB RAM we see loads of the following errors logged regularly:

xen_netfront: xennet: skb rides the rocket: 19 slots

This appears to be caused by a kernel bug, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-lts-raring/+bug/1195474

We also measure packet loss via the router, but not until it has been up for a few days (it's fine straight after a reboot for some reason).

Switching to the i586-virt image fixes the problems - we don't see any indication of these errors or any packet loss when using that image.

The suggested workaround (disabling scatter gather on the NICs) seems to stop the errors being logged but doesn't fix the packet loss issue for us (only reboot or switching to 32-bit virt image stops the packet loss).


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Hello @steveglen
can you check our 1.2 beta from here
and tell if you still experiencing issue?

@syncer I've installed this on a VM, will have to give it a few days and report back (the errors didn't get logged straight away previously).

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