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Add html entities encoding for options field
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I've recently discovered that it's not possible to add ssh options to ssh key, if they contain double quotes, e.g.:

vyos@vyatta2# set system login user root authentication public-keys mick@mick-office options 'environment="",environment="GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=Mihail Vasilev"'

 Cannot use the double quote (") character in a value string
 Value validation failed
 Set failed

I've tried to add html entities like " instead, but get into faulty .ssh/authorized_keys - it just receives " as is.
It seems to me that it would be handy to add html entities encoding here (as it goes for dhcp server options) and should not harm existing systems.

I think, I can do it quite fast myself, but I think that this feature should be interesting for other community members.

What I'm trying to obtain by this feature - be able to put config.boot under version control AND minimize administration effort required to maintain accountability of engineers.


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I'm not sure if HTML encoding is really the best thing to do, but I agree the problem exists.

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