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Advertisement of Multiple Paths in BGP (capability 69)
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IPv6 BGP on Vultr shows this error:

BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 [Event] Connect start to 2001:19f0:ffff::1 fd 11
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 went from Idle to Connect
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 open active, local address LOCAL_IPV6_ADDRESS
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 sending OPEN, version 4, my as 64714, holdtime 180, id LOCAL_IPV4_ADDRESS
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 send message type 1, length (incl. header) 53
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 went from Connect to OpenSent
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 rcv message type 3, length (excl. header) 8
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 received NOTIFICATION 2/7 (OPEN Message Error/Unsupported Capability) 6 bytes 01 04 00 01 00 01
BGP: 2001:19f0:ffff::1 went from OpenSent to Idle


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Is this really an issue with 1.2? It looks like FRR 2.0 is what vyos-frr is based on and FRR 2.0 appears to have support for BGP AddPath.

I haven't tested it myself, admittedly.

syncer triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Dec 21 2017, 9:36 PM

Works fine on the latest nightly.