Cannot create vif interface attached to bridge group
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Yesterday I did a upgrade from 1.1.7 to 1.1.8 rc1. After the upgrade, my VLAN interface 'vif 22' that is bridged to my br0 interface dissapeard.
I tried to recreate the vif interface. But when commit the config, I get the following message:

admin@VPN-AMS1# commit
sa[ interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 22 ]
vlan: unknown command "-e"?
Usage: ... vlan [ protocol VLANPROTO ] id VLANID                [ FLAG-LIST ]
                [ ingress-qos-map QOS-MAP ] [ egress-qos-map QOS-MAP ]

VLANPROTO: [ 802.1Q / 802.1ad ]
VLANID := 0-4095
FLAG := [ reorder_hdr { on | off } ] [ gvrp { on | off } ] [ mvrp { on | off } ]
        [ loose_binding { on | off } ]
Error creating VLAN device eth0.22

[[interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 22]] failed
[[interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 22 bridge-group]] failed
Commit failed

The relevant config that I try to commit:

bridge br0 {
     aging 300
     description <DESCRIPTION>
     firewall {
         out {
             name BLOCK_X_OUT
     hello-time 2
     max-age 20
     priority 300
     stp true
 ethernet eth0 {
     address <IPv6_ADDRESS>
     description <DESCRIPTION>
     duplex auto
     hw-id 00:00:00:00:00:00
     policy {
         route <POLICY>
     smp_affinity auto
     speed auto
     vif 20 {
         bridge-group {
             bridge br0
         description <DESCRIPTION>


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Not resolved yet. ;)

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@S3m1r6 Could you test this image? I tested loading a config similar to yours (with ingress/egress QoS values added to make sure they get processed) and it works for me.

@syncer Please do not mark tasks as resolved until the fix is confirmed. Ideally we should add a separate state/flag for tasks that are implemented but not yet tested, like we did in bugzilla.

will state - "fix testing required" work for us?

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@dmbaturin I tested the new image. I can confirm that the problem is solved.

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