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Firewall ipv6 p2p option failed
Open, Requires assessmentPublicBUG


The p2p option is still available in ipv6.

in ipv4 it was diasbled some time ago:

in vyos 1.3.1:

set firewall ipv6-name TEST rule 1 action drop
set firewall ipv6-name TEST rule 1 p2p all
[ firewall ipv6-name TEST ]
ip6tables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): Couldn't load match `ipp2p':No such file or directory

Try `ip6tables -h' or 'ip6tables --help' for more information.
ip6tables error:  - -m comment --comment "TEST-1"     -m ipp2p --apple --bit --dc --edk --gnu --kazaa  -j DROP  at /opt/vyatta/sbin/ line 708.

[[firewall ipv6-name TEST]] failed


Difficulty level
Easy (less than an hour)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Unspecified (please specify)